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Make a Sculpture with Papier Mache

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The art of papier mache has been used by many cultures, and nations, for ceremonial, decorative, archetectural, utilitarian and even military purposes. Today, papier mache can still be found useful and not just in school but businesses too. Have you considered a fun papier mache project for an upcoming holiday?

Let’s Recycle that Paper

A few key points to consider, and take pride, regarding delving into papier mache art can be found such as:

– recycling paper is part of good environment stewardship
– creativity for a project is boundless and fulfilling
– art is created for display and/or immediate use
– papier mache is open to children and adults

The purpose of a pulp and paper mill, is to create, recover and recycle paper, on a mass scale. We can do our own part in recycling paper with the art of papier mache and produce our own ‘paper product‘. There are artists out there, and I mean, seriously skilled papier mache artists, who can create beautiful and fantastic projects.

Mardis Gras, Fat Tuesday, Carnaval, and Pagan Celebrations

Many different nations, societies and cultures around the world,  each have their own unique holidays. These holidays may get adopted, or shared by, and with, other societies, to eventually become annual events- such as the Mardi Gras -initially celebrated by French colonists in the southern United States, and now a economical, popular ,tourist attraction, for New Orleans.

Mardis Gras origins arise from ‘Carnaval’ celebrated and popular in Brazil, Venice and New Orleans. It evolved from thousands of years back when Pagans ( the Druids?) celebrated spring solstice and fertility.

Holiday Papier Mache Crafts

Papier mache can be used to easily bring to life , all types of creative and artistic ideas whether it is a Pinata, Halloween mask, theater project, decoration, or cool movie prop seen in your latest favorite movie. Parade floats are usually done with papier mache over a pre-shaped wire frame (armature) which can be easily done at home too, with the right materials such as:

– bendable window screen
– foil baking sheets
– tin foil
– chicken wire (for large projects)

You can bend your ‘armature’ into any shape you need and like -then add your layers of papier mache, to your desired thickness but ensure all sides and edges are covered. Gently sand with sand paper to smooth any rough edges, cover with white paint then paint again adding every color you like, and add a protective coating with adding a sealant, to prevent damage from moisture.

The last step is to add embellishments- all colors of feathers,beads,buttons, baubles and all sorts of glam! Some jewellery designers will add a, or a few, layers of colored tissue paper, for a very unique look before sealing their own jewellery designs.

Find your Inner Papier Mache Sculptor

Paper mache projects can be found in festivals but can also be used to create items for you to sell. So, go ahead, do a search on the big Google and see who is making what, with paper mache. It’s all about fun and oh, the amazing creativity! Find something that inspires you to enter the world of papier mache.

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How to Take the Stress Out of Sober Travel

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a Guest post by Caleb Anderson

Travel can be exhilarating, relaxing and rejuvenating. But if you’re in addiction recovery, travel can be scary because you think you may be tempted to fall back into old and dangerous habits. It doesn’t have to be that way. Travel can give you a sense of calm and an awareness of the big world around you. It’s also a great way to help heal your body and mind.

A little advance planning can make your trips easier and less fraught with triggers. Here are a few tips to get you ready for this big step.

Try Sober Travel

There are travel companies that offer sober tours, trips and even cruises. Though you might think you need to avoid the big cities that are party meccas, you can enjoy these places sober, too. Sober tours offer companionship with other people who want to stay clean but still have a great time.

Travel with the right people

Don’t bring your party-animal friends along on a trip. Travel with people who understand your situation and who will refrain from drinking and drugs, if that’s what you need. If you’re comfortable with others drinking around you, but don’t want them to offer it to you, communicate your needs ahead of time. Good friends will honor your recovery.

Look for meetings

If you’re in a 12-step program, you can find meetings almost anywhere. They’re even offered on cruise ships, which are typically loaded with alcohol. Plus, meetings are a great way to meet new people and experience other cultures. Keep your sponsor’s phone number handy, and tell him or her in advance of your trip. You might even get some good travel tips.

Manage stress

Travel can often include stressful situations, which could easily trigger a relapse. If you plan ahead, you can ease some of that anxiety. Make lots of plans, lists, and itineraries to keep the guesswork to a minimum. Build extra time into your travel schedule for the unexpected, like a delayed flight. Tell your travel partner that you may need help if you get too stressed, and he or she might need to take the reins and help you relax.

Bring your pet

If you’re planning on being in the great outdoors for a sober adventure, and you have a dog that loves to hike or camp, bring him along! Your dog can help calm you when needed, as well as give you a loving companion to cuddle. Not only will you both be getting some time outdoors, but you’ll get some extra bonding time. Plus, your dog will appreciate the vacay, too!

Continue your self-care routine

Do you meditate every morning? Read a book over coffee? Take regular breaks to clear your head? Keep this up on your trip. Continue eating well and exercising for your health. Just because you’re away from home doesn’t mean you have to give up your goals.

However you do it, just do it. Travel can hugely benefit your state of mind. Just by getting out of your normal routine, you reset your thoughts and experience the world. Travel enhances your creativity, gives you a more “open” personality and relieves stress. Studies have shown that just preparing for a trip can boost your mood. Everybody wants something to look forward to!

As J Henry Hanson put it in Huffington Post, “Waking up clear-headed and knowing where I slept is extremely satisfying to me. Rising with the sun, rather than the moon, enables me to really get to know a place that I am visiting,” she said. “Sober travel allows me to recall sunsets over Volcan Masaya in Nicaragua, Green Turtles laying eggs in Costa Rica, swimming on Starfish Beach in Panama, and participating in a Mayan planting ceremony in Guatemala. The absence of a hangover allows me to savor museum exhibits rather than rush through so I can find my next cocktail.

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Caleb Anderson is in recovery from an opiate addiction. He hopes sharing his experiences will help others. He co- created to help people with substance abuse disorders and their families.



Fun with Road Travel Communications

road communications, motorcycle communications, wireless radio, gmrs,The open road draws many people for short and long term road trips whether by car, truck, RV, and a favorite, motorcycles. Communication with others is available for these road travelers. What‘s available for them?

Types of Telecommunication Devices

The ease of providing and accessing telecommunication devices specific for road traveling has made many options available. These various telecommunication devices range anywhere from a mobile telephone, CB radios, Bluetooth, PDA’s and other e-gadgets that have a variety of specialized features.

One of the more advanced options that is available to motorcyclists is the wired headset that allows both rider and passenger the ability to communicate while in transit. Who can carry on a conversation? with the wind whipping by our ears and bugs flying into our mouth, eww! This sort of system is connected via wires but is required, to be manually disconnected and reconnected, when leaving the motorcycle for any length of time. A tiny inconvenience for a fun gadget, don’t you think?

Where does Thou find this Fun Gadget?

Local electronic stores, online, offline, and various mail order vendors offer to sell a few low power GMRS (General mobile radio service) radios which provide basic unit- to- unit communications but can’t be used with range extending repeaters. This would require the capability to transmit and receive in the 462- 467 MHz band plus provide ability for sub-audible control tones. One can also find used equipment and less costly models through various advertisements both online and offline from radio enthusiasts.

Wireless options  allow for a greater freedom. These are available in different frequency ranges which will make communicating with a passenger or other nearby bikers quite easy. Ability to communicate over larger distances will require use of a General mobile radio service, GMRS, which operates identically to a walkie-talkie system.

Staying Legal with your Communications Device

Legal requirements exist for the use or modification of a GMRS communication radios and are as follows ;

– A person is required to obtain a license
– Minimum age of 18
– Not be representative of a foreign government
– Your immediate family members are the only other eligible persons allowed to operate your radio
– Somebody with their own license can use your radio
– Fines up to $10K can be issued for un-licensed usage even if it’s a first offense, and more, for subsequent violations
– Not allowed to lend your own private license to anybody else
– Not allowed to connect to Public switch network
– No data transmit capabilities
– Restricted to specified channels only.

The popular method to apply for a license is online through the FCC website. A fee is required and will cover the application and usage fee, usually a 5 year term. Their web site will have instructions available and necessary contact telephone numbers for any assistance or questions.

No worries of getting bugs in your mouth and eyes, or road dirt, in your hair but get to have fun with this mobile communication system. An opportunity to discuss your road trip, sights, warnings, or gab for a bit, and great, for when the mobile phone isn’t working, you know, no signal?  We have the tools, right prices and now we’ll have communication 🙂

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